Balloons over… wait, my house?

Remember Mario?

I’ve spent all summer looking for Mario and his balloon in the sky. I’d just about given up all hope of ever seeing another hot air balloon floating over Grafton until last night. That’s when I was greeted, upon coming home from the school space meeting, by my daughter, bouncing up and down and yelling, “Mom! You missed the best thing that happened today!”

Balloon for GG

That’s right. A hot air balloon — Mario’s balloon — landed practically in my back yard. And where was I? Conference Room A.

I swear, fate is just laughing at me this week. The above photo was taken by my son with his birthday present, a Canon A480, the Greater Grafton Camera’s little brother.


The balloon touched down in a neighbor’s driveway and, I’m told, everyone in the neighborhood came running to get a good look at it. Would you look at the size of that thing? (These photos are courtesy of a neighbor, who sent them out to our email list)


Once it was down, they made fairly quick work of the business of deflating the balloon and getting it rolled up.

Baloon Photos 099

The above photos, and the ones following, are courtesy of Sarah’s Mom.

Balloon Photo 101

The neighborhood kids (and grownups) all got into the act. Doesn’t this look like fun? Wouldn’t you be kicking yourself if you missed out on it happening, I can’t say it enough, in your backyard?

Balloon Photo 105

And then everyone posed for pictures before Mario had to take off with his deflated balloon.

There was not a single sign that any of this had happened when I got home about 30 minutes later.  Sigh. Thanks for dropping by anyway, Mario!

6 thoughts on “Balloons over… wait, my house?

  1. One came real close to doig the same thing this morning at 7:45 in my neighborhood. The sound was amazing….. than goodness we took an old TV antenna off our roof a few weeks back 🙂

  2. Thank goodness for underground utilities, huh?

    But really, I can’t believe they don’t have more control over where these things land. I mean, your neighborhood isn’t exactly a big open clearing – it can’t be the most desirable place to land, is it? From the looks of the first picture, he actually landed between two houses, in someone’s driveway – is that right? I wonder what he would have done if there was a car there?

  3. I know he’s landed on streets before, and in yards. The area in the first photo, where he’s coming down, is our overgrown retention basins, which may have looked field-like from the air. I think they need to land somewhat near a street so the vehicle that’s following them from the ground can get there quickly and pack stuff up.

    My son also took photos of Al Long flying over the neighborhood either right before or right after the balloon, so we had quite the busy air space!

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