I have homework?

My daughter came home from GES yesterday with a brand-new agenda, a brown paper bag to fill with five things that demonstrate her personality and a stack of papers for me to fill out.

My son came home from GMS today with a thick folder filled with pages for me to sign. Oh, and those fabric book covers that I remembered to buy early this year because I had to run around scrounging for them last year? They’re no longer allowed on textbooks.

Welcome back to school!

The fourth grader’s homework included essay questions. List five adjectives that describe your child (“stubborn” was one). What do you and your child do together (“hunt vampires and fight evil”)? How does your child behave when frustrated (“she lashes out at her brother”)? What does your child do in her spare time (“critiques my fashion choices”)?

The middle school homework, at least, was mostly repetitive — every teacher passed out a paper that parents MUST sign stating that we, and our child, have read the classroom guidelines and agree that homework must be handed in/books will be covered/Spanish translation must not be completed by the computer.

At least I managed to impress my son by knocking off a paper bag book cover (I’m going to have to use the reusable bags less, I suspect, to get all these books covered) in 2 minutes flat. I offered to properly decorate it by writing band names on it drawing little hearts all over with “TLA” (True Love Always) in them, but he didn’t go for that. Pity.

Also, anyone else have a middle schooler who is locker-less due to the modular classrooms not being ready? My son isn’t affected, but one of his best friends is — and the solution apparently is to just have him carry all his stuff all day, which blows my mind. Since they’re in all the same classes with the exception of homeroom, I told the kid to offer to share his locker until the classrooms are finished.


5 thoughts on “I have homework?

  1. I just got done showing my son how to cover his book with a brown bag. Ah, trip down memory lane. I told him he will have to doodle all over it then keep it at the end of the year as a token memory of 7th grade.

  2. I still can’t believe the school didn’t set up locker sharing until everyone could be assigned a locker. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

    You’ve seen how packed the classrooms are. If a kid is carrying a huge backpack filled with 4 or 5 textbooks, a binder, and a lunch, where is he supposed to put it during class?

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