Peterson on naming Kennedy’s successor

I’ve been mucking around with video this afternoon and I’m happy to report that — yes! — Adobe Premiere Elements 7 DOES edit the video format produced by the Greater Grafton Camera. You may recall I’ve had some issues with that. Thanks again to Susan from MySouthborough for solving that problem!

This is all in preparation for tonight’s first football game under the lights at Grafton High School. I will be shooting both photo and video, so if you see me pointing your way, either wave or duck.

My program adds video directly to YouTube and the initial quality looks good.

While I was hanging out on YouTube, I ran into state Rep. George Peterson:

We talked a bit about this a couple weeks back when I followed him around at the State House. By the way, that commuter rail trip? Completely drama-free. It was almost disappointing how un-stressful the whole thing was. I even had a window seat, both to and fro, on the top deck, and the window was even clear rather than all scratched to hell. Really, the most complicated part of the entire trip was rolling up my four $1 bills small enough to fit in the parking slot (I rolled them in pairs and squeezed them all in).


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