Hole-y cow!

Last fall, I was absolutely flummoxed for one of the few times in my reporting career when a veterinary student blithely reached into a cow’s stomach and started pulling out half-digested grass during the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine’s open house.

I’m happy to say that this year, I went to Tufts University’s Grafton campus fully expecting to see this cow again. This time, I was ready for Portia, a 10-year-old cow with a cannulation which… oh heck, let’s go to the tape.

For the record, the contents of a cow’s stomach really smell about as appetizing as you might expect.

My son came into the office to ask me a question as I was playing with this video (the very first video shot for Greater Grafton, by the way). His eyes went completely round and he said, “Oh god, I’m going to be sick,” but he couldn’t tear himself away. My daughter popped in, screamed, “Oh no, that’s the cow from last year!” and ran away.

She reached into the cow. How cool is it having a vet school right here in town?

2 thoughts on “Hole-y cow!

  1. Still can’t beat my all time favorite.

    Background: There was a story in Weekly World News claiming that a woman in a MetroWest town kept a real leprechaun in a jar on her mantel, completely with photo. Our columnist at the time decided to follow up on it, with hilarious results.

    My headline: Leprechaun tale is magically fictitious.

    Another favorite, although I can’t take credit for it: “His Bach is much worse than his bite,” on a story about a piano-playing pitbull.

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