Rocking at GHS

Stumbled on this on my weekly YouTube search for Grafton videos:

The group is called Beauty Ate the Beast and the song is called “Sadly is an Adverb,” which must fill their English teachers’ hearts with glee. The kid on the drums looked familiar, so I had the following conversation with my son…

Me: Hey, didn’t that kid play on your flag football team last year?

Son: Oh yeah, this group is all a bunch of ninth graders!

Their MySpace page (Smart kids. Every group needs a MySpace page these days. It used to be the first thing I’d ask for when I’d write about music.) says they are “post punk/pop punk/experimental” and — alert “Behind the Music!” — they’ve apparently already have one break-up.

I’m thinking a story about music groups at Grafton High School may be kind of cool…


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