Where have you gone, Scott Browne?

The  most earth-shattering moment of Town Meeting? There wasn’t one.

It lasted only 45 minutes. There wasn’t a single call to “move the question,” no veiled remarks about town officials, no rending of garments over uncontrolled spending, not even a single mention of PAYT. Had I gone to the trouble of printing out a card for Town Meeting Bingo (I figure we’ll leave the next game for the Town Meeting that deals with the new Grafton High School, and we’ll have some all-new squares), I wouldn’t even had marked off the one gimme item on the card.

That’s right. Where the heck was Scott Browne last night? Does he have swine flu? Did he decide to stay in and watch “How I Met Your Mother?” Was he just not feeling argumentative?

Even if I recapped tonight minute-by-minute — and I did start taking notes with that intention, having bagged it in the spring — it would be dull as dirt. I kind of perked up when Cathy Fenton brought up Nelson Library in reference to the Grafton Public Library’s handicap accessibility funding, but even that went by the wayside.

I didn’t get to wave my blue card, not even once. I didn’t even have time to send a single blog post. My family even seemed kind of disappointed that I was home with time to spare before my youngest’s bedtime.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not longing for the Powerpoint-of-hell from last fall (which lasted longer that the entirety of tonight’s meeting). But a little razzle? A little dazzle? At least one “speak through me, the moderator?” Is that too much to ask?


9 thoughts on “Where have you gone, Scott Browne?

  1. We had a short Special Town Meeting last night (10/19) in Milton too with almost no contentious, extraneous, moonbeam comments or questions. Actually quite positive. What’s the world coming to?

  2. I had three thoughts…1. latent hostilities and outrage is just being pent up and ready to explode at the next TM gig/school debt exclusion event; 2. everybody got burnt out on PAYT and has now resigned to let the municipal gov do their thing. 3. there wasn’t anything to talk about.

    I’m leaning towards #2l. I mean, I think Kathy raised a relatively valid point about spending 172k on handicap access despite the closing of the N.Grafton branch, and in years past folks would have jumped all over that…but….well…nobody said a thing and we just moved to vote.

  3. The argument about Nelson doesn’t strike me as a reason against making changes to the center library. Equal access to all the town’s library books/computers/whatever does not mean “You can’t come up the stairs, so you can go to the smaller library across town, which may not have what you want but you can request it and come back at another time.”

    Nelson’s a lovely little library, but it’s just not that big. It’s even smaller than the old (haunted) library in Bellingham. You could say the Nelson site could be used for an all-new, handicapped accessible town library — that would fit in with the Nelson will — but maintaining two separate but unequal libraries and having the smaller one be the one for residents with disabilities? That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    BTW, “Grafton Farmer” up above is Michael, in case you didn’t realize it. Obviously, he was editing the Farmers Market site and forgot he was still logged in to Word Press. And luckily, Word Press does not allow me to edit commenter names, or we could get into some serious trouble here!

  4. yea you can come up the stairs and stay in the main room of the library but you cant go down to childrens room and you cant go in bathroom either–sounds just as discriminating doesnt it? whole point is you could pay a libraian for 8yrs on the money the town spent last night for the hrs nelson is open—-sounds fiscally responsible to me,
    you hit the nail on the head, if they are thinking about expanding the libary it makes more sense to develop nelson than the center–already close to 100% complaint, plenty of land that the town doesnt have to buy and a safe park and street,

  5. The $ spent last night was CPC funds — those can only be used for acquiring land, renovating historic landmarks, etc. — not for personnel, so it couldn’t have been used to keep a librarian, in any case.

  6. Wow! $172,000 for a RAMP. And this on top of the cost for the design study. This is going to be one heck of a ramp. My guess is there will be a Maitre d’ waiting to escort you up the ramp. Can the DPW construct a compliant ramp for one-tenth that amount?

    Too bad article 4-23 was passed over. I wanted to hear an explanation of the annual 5% salary increase for those who were maxed out and had 15 years of service. I wonder how many Municipal employees are at that point. Also, have they actually received their 5% annual increase?

  7. Michael…egads. No way I will bring my humor to a Town Meeting.
    First, the TM would get annoyed and tell me to sit down (he’s done that before).
    Second, the TA is rather large. Don’t want to annoy Junior…er…the TA.
    Third, there are armed Police in the back of the room. Of course, that begs the question: are they on detail? Why? Are they afraid a citizen will say something nefarious?
    So, I will just mumble at my TV.

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