The ladybugs picnic — on my house!

ladybugswarmWhy do I always forget ladybug season exists? They were EVERYWHERE today, dive-bombing my poor husband and the roof guy, clustering on the screens, sneaking into my house to —

— excuse me —

(scene of unspeakable lady bug carnage as I get rid of an especially persistent little sucker in the home office)

— anyway, I don’t ever remember this happening (and I’ve lived  in Massachusetts all my life) until we painted our old house in Northborough, about 13 years ago. We thought it was just a freak thing, but we’ve been batting them off ever since. The basement in our old house, which was the kids’ playroom, was especially fully of ladybugs looking for a place to winter over. Rather unsuccessfully, because we were always sucking up dessicated ladybugs with the vacuum.

Here, we seem to spend the winter swatting them in the kids’ bathroom. We’ve really given up on finding them cute, you see…

Bonus YouTube clip!


2 thoughts on “The ladybugs picnic — on my house!

  1. Someone told me once that they’re not actually ladybugs, but bugs that mimic ladybugs. Kind of like the viceroy/monarch relationship. Real ladybugs are poisonous, but these are not. They’re called “handsome fungus beetles.” Awesome, no? Anyway, you can tell because they’re more rusty colored than red, and the backs are tapered more sharply than a real ladybug which is rounder. 🙂

  2. We would routinely get infestations of box elder bugs when we lived in Philadelphia. I can imagine your ladybug infestations to be similar. After you’ve killed a few hundred, they cease to be cute or interesting. No insect infestations now that we are in San Francisco, except maybe the odd fruit fly. Ants can be bad when the rains start in the fall, but they die off after too long.

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