Body parts found at Grafton Inn

Martha the ghost now has company.


It’s funny, the way people react when they see something that’s just a bit off kilter (and this, if it wasn’t a mannequin, could have been a LOT off kilter). I grabbed my camera and shot a picture. A woman who saw this going into the Grafton Inn scolded John Pardee for giving her a scare.

In any case, I was at the Grafton Inn today for a story that’s running on probably Thursday (barring any breaking news, which is my eternal caveat). We talked about what’s been going on there since he took over the business and — yes — I now have a first-person account from someone who has actually seen Martha in that — well, I guess you can’t say flesh with ghosts, can you? I’m going to have to save that story for the audience over at the other site, of course…


Anyone want to look for orbs?

Also, we had lunch there today and my cheeseburger was AWESOME. Not quite as good as a Five Guys burger (seriously, if you’re in Marlborough, you have to try them), but probably the best one I’ve had in town.


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