So pretty, it’s almost a cliche

Just when I think I’m immune to Grafton Common, it goes all fall on me.


Sigh. I know, you thought it would be another bandstand picture. But I absolutely love how the trees line up in this stretch toward South Street. It appeals to the dryad in me.

SpongeBobScarecrowPantsSo! Speaking of Grafton Common, it’s going to be looking mighty lonely come Thursday, which will be the first time since July that we have not had a Grafton Farmers Market on the site.

Yes, the season is over. No more ears of corn, no more apples and squashes and event tents dotting the Common as local farmers sell their wares. And, totally selfishly for me, no more one-stop shopping for local color and gossip!

Lest you wander the Common aimlessly talking to good ol’ SpongeBob ScarecrowPants here, I have a little something to tide you over — call it a bit of farmers market methadone.

The Grafton Farmers Market Committee has put up a survey, which they’re asking you to kindly fill out to give feedback on this, the very first season for the market. How do you feel about the hours? The offerings? The place to tell them exactly what you think is here.

DarthScarecrowAll right, all right, we’re getting to the end of the post and I can already hear the complaints.

“The bandstand! The bandstand! It’s absolute sacrilege to post photos of Grafton Common in the fall without a least one photo of the bandstand!”

Fine. May the Force be with you!




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