Dancing queen

I’ve never been what you would call graceful. My daughter, however, was practically born dancing. We tried a year of traditional dance class shortly after we moved to Grafton, but it just wasn’t for us — she wasn’t crazy about ballet, found tap annoying.

A few years ago, the afterschool program at South Grafton Elementary School had a month-long hip-hop class and she’s been begging for hip-hop lessons ever since. That’s why I was psyched to find — through a GraftonTimes.com email burst, conveniently enough — that there’s a cute little studio in South Grafton, the Patricia Brosnian Dance Studio on Ferry Street. I’m watching my daughter’s class now via TV monitor (I’m testing the new Word Press app on my iPhone and, so far, it’s not as prone to crashes and erasures as the last one) and she has a big grin on her face, as she does every week.

There are only three girls in the class now, so if you’re in the market, you should check it out. Miss Pat is also offering a new Irish step dancing class, which will have trial classes on Nov. 16 and 18, with regular classes starting on Nov. 30.

The studio feels like one of Grafton’s best kept secrets but I’d love to see her get more business! I also like that she seems so low-key about recitals, which I remember as nightmarish the last time around (multiple costumes, a Worcester venue, expensive tickets and you were going to order flowers, weren’t you?).


3 thoughts on “Dancing queen

  1. My daughter just started going there and she loves it. I have only brought her once but I found both the owner and the teachers very friendly. It is quite enjoyable for her to get into her first dance class. She is now prone to breaking out into a gallop or doing the tap whenever the mood strikes her. Some of the classes seem to be pretty small, 3-5 students, so the attention they give at her age (almost 4) is really helping.

  2. “My daughter, however, was practically born dancing.”

    I know few similar cases with my friends. It is a very big mistake if you don’t do proper actions to develop the talent. Dance lessons are an obvious choice. Keep dancing!

  3. We love Ms. Patty…we’ve been going since it opened (no walls or sheetrock the first week ). She also does a great job with birthday parties….

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