Romey’s Gourmet now closed

I just filed a story at — Romey’s Gourmet, which opened in early summer 2008, is now closed.

I talked at length with Chef Charlie this morning and it’s pretty sad — basically, you can write the “I had a dream to open my own restaurant/but everyone is cutting back on going out” story just about every day. But he’s still Charlie — even when he’s talking about closing his restaurant, he’s still the nicest and most cheerful guy around.

Anyone want to buy a restaurant?


6 thoughts on “Romey’s Gourmet now closed

  1. It is sad to see our local store fronts closing. I have a friend who has a theory that if everyone in town picked three local businesses to support by spending $10 per month at each, we would make a huge difference in the vitality of the local economy which, in turn, would improve our quality of life and our sense of community. It can’t hurt, in any case…

  2. I bet a lot of people are saying “I meant to stop in and try it.”

    Roney’s & Blockbusters … do these things usually come in threes like quasi-celebrity deaths? (I know … Rite Aid, but that doesn’t feel like it counts. Did anyone really go there?)

    It’s always interesting to see what fills the space. That plaza has had a lot of turnover in its maybe eight years or so in existence. There was Learning Express, the gym and then the other gym and the karate studio place used to be that other cafe place … And for about a week, an upscale dog biscuit store was a going concern there.

    Now the second- or third-largest tenant in the place appears to be a thrift shop. Wonder what that means?

  3. Some spaces just seem to be black holes for restaurants — there is this one restaurant on Rte. 9 that had possibly as many as 10 incarnations during the time I worked in Framingham. I’m not saying that’s the case here, but I’ve always found that plaza to be an afterthought kind of place — my visits to Learning Express, for example, were far fewer when they weren’t next door to Stop & Shop and I never did get around to trying that cafe, even though I’d frequented their Westborough store.

    Do you realize Grafton is now home to THREE thrift shops? What does that mean?

  4. It’s a bummer to lose Romeys. Seems like one of the big complaints in Grafton is the lack of a decent selection of restaurants, and Romeys really did have decent (albeit pricey) food. But, who likes having to pull in and out of that parking lot, especially at prime (dinner) time?

  5. I’m disappointed but not surprised. The restaurant business is so tough, especially in this economy. I enjoyed going there for lunch. He seemed to have a great lunch crowd. I’ll miss him !!

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