The man under the crown

baskowskiLYI knew him for probably five minutes. I chatted mainly with his wife, in the course of snapping pictures at the Senior Center’s Halloween party. They were both wearing crowns and seemed like a lovely couple.

They were featured on the front page of on Saturday as a Halloween Local Yocal.  He didn’t talk much, as I said, but he shot his wife a look of utter adoration just before sitting down next to her so I could take their picture.

Joseph J. Baskowski Sr. was 95. He and his wife, Mary, were married for 63 years. He died on Thursday after taking ill that weekend. Possibly, this is the last picture taken of them together, which is just an odd thought. I just added his obituary to

I didn’t know at the time I shot this photo that he was Craig Dauphinais’ father-in-law, or anything, really, about him at all. But I do like that this is how his family summarized his life:

Through the example of his life we have been blessed by the values of industriousness, persistence, spunk, humility and generosity. All who knew Joe will miss his ever present smile, his twinkling blue eyes and his good humored nature. He loved people and being in his presence always made one feel as if you were home. His greatest love was his family and most especially his grandchildren. He leaves them and all of us a legacy of love.


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