When hyper-local means wicked tired

So! GraftonTimes.com went back to free access this week. If you’ve been avoiding my day job (why do I insist on calling it my day job when so much of it happens at night?) because you didn’t want to be seduced by my headlines into paying, you can go back and read to your heart’s content.

Honestly, I’ve spent this entire week in a state of absolute exhaustion that was a bit more emotional than physical (no H1N1 yet, thank goodness). But there were some highlights:

  • Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of writing about sports when it comes to writing about games. But I have to say, I’m finding the Grafton High Boys Soccer team kind of sweet. They sing “Lean On Me” before every game because of Rachel’s Challenge and insisted that I write about it! They spike goals into nets with their heads!
  • My kids were the youngest people (it’s possible I was the next youngest, even) at Veterans Day services at the Municipal Center… and not once did they complain that they were bored. I told them there would be a quiz afterward. We spent our grocery shopping trip immediately after quizzing each other about the Merchant Marines, and the only one they got wrong was a trick question: Why didn’t FDR declare the Merchant Marines eligible for veterans’ benefits after World War II?
  • I spent yesterday doing little aside grocery shopping, cooking and watching season 3 of “Project Runway.”  (Honestly, it’s depressing comparing season 3 to the current season 6. Where were the “destroy your apartment to make an outfit” or “dress a dog and its owner” or “make clothes out of recycled trash” challenges?)

It looks like this week is going to be much busier than last — we have a principal from China visiting Grafton High and a whole bunch of things that have made the calendar app on my iPhone full of little dots. Come by and read about it, willya?


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