Lt. Gov. Murray seems kind of bitter today

Maybe Lt. Gov. Tim Murray isn’t a morning person. Or maybe someone carrying a reporter’s notebook was seen kicking his puppy. But yikes, the man seemed a bit bitter this morning at the otherwise cheery Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce awards ceremony.

I was there, of course, for the Grafton angles (yay award winners Ken Crater and Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine!) and the breakfast (which also served as the previous night’s dinner thanks to my Tuesday load of dance class and Board of Selectmen). Murray was the keynote speaker.

I usually find the former Worcester mayor all gung-ho when he speaks locally but he seemed to be on a bit of a tirade against the media always focusing on the negative. Which, sheesh, I don’t take especially personally, given my role as the hyper-local reporterbabe who rarely ventures outside of Grafton’s borders — but how often can you really start a sentence with “and you didn’t hear about this in the media, but…”

I’m not quite sure at what he expected to get out of it. Sympathy? A crowd ready to attack the nearest person with a notebook? A vow to swear off newspapers?

I wasn’t the only one looking a bit perplexed, although I’m sure more than a few people were thinking “Media? Like newspapers? I don’t read a newspaper. I don’t watch TV news. Should I be Googling this?”

Why so glum, Tim?


5 thoughts on “Lt. Gov. Murray seems kind of bitter today

  1. I’m following Murray on Monday morning (maybe you are too?) as he goes on a G&U Railroad tour with Jon Delli Priscoli. I never had an impression of the guy before but now I’m afraid. Will he tie me to the tracks?!

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