Kick a ginger day?

The following is possibly one of the odder things I’ve received from a school principal, courtesy of the Grafton Middle School email list:

Today we became aware of something called “Kick a ginger day”.
What this means is “Kick a red head day”.  And unfortunately there
were some students who thought it would be OK to participate in this
very inappropriate activity.  We became aware through students letting
teachers know and teachers letting administration know.  I wanted to
let you, as parents know about this, for a number of reasons.  First
this is a teachable moment.  Please ask your child about this, have a
family discussion about how wrong this is.  Talk with your child about
how it is never all right to treat someone in a negative way because
of the color of their hair, color of their eyes, or the color of their
skin, or any other characteristic.  Secondly Mrs. Sauter and I were
very clear to all three grade levels during lunch about the
inappropriateness of this activity and that students who participate
in this activity would be subject to very severe consequences.  And
finally, if you become aware of any information regarding situations
that occurred here to please contact me as soon as possible.  It is
important to address each instance of this behavior to ensure it does
not happen again.

I immediately, of course, launched into “teachable moment” form and marched in to confront my middle schooler.

“Tell me about ‘kick a ginger day.'”

“I had NOTHING to do with it.”

“So what happened?”

“A bunch of people sent around texts saying it was National Kick a Ginger Day. I didn’t get one. Apparently there were other days when it was hug a brunette day or something.”

“Do you know anyone with red hair who got kicked?”

“A couple people. One guy came to school with shin guards.”

“Did you kick anyone?”

“No way, mom. That’s stupid.”

Poor Mr. Lind. I can only imagine the expression on his face when he heard what the kids were up to. I think if I was a middle school principal, I’d spend a good part of my day huddled in the office alternately laughing hysterically or screaming in frustration.

Oh, and it’s apparently based on “South Park.” Here’s a YouTube video from 2008, when Canadian kids celebrated “Kick a Ginger Day.”


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