I’ve been working on the (Grafton & Upton) railroad

What did you do this morning? I spent my time touring the Grafton & Upton Railroad with Lt. Gov. Tim Murray. Story’s already up at GraftonTimes.com (with, yes, many more pictures for the rail fans), because that’s just how we roll around here.

Tim was back to his usual self today, so I’m going to consider the other day an aberration. But who isn’t going to be in a good mood after a morning of playing with trains? I know, I know, local economy, better for the environment than trucks, but still — don’t they look like they’ve just made a whole bunch of boyhood dreams come true by getting up on that train? Even I was a little heady taking pictures of it, and I raised a truck boy, not a train kid…

It was an odd thing for me to cover in a way that had nothing to do with the event. First, the press guy for owner Jon Delli Priscoli is my old pal Doug Pizzi, who I’ve quoted on and off over the years as he’s done press for a whole slew of people. We first met back when I was covering Marlborough, ’round about 1995. Second, my competition on the story was my former intern, Krista Perry, who now works for the Milford Daily News and Martin Luttrell from the Telegram & Gazette who, oh, around 1987 worked in the Milford bureau of the Middlesex News where I was an intern (Marty once taught me an unforgettable lesson in how to maximize gory details when he edited a story I wrote about a man who squeezed a puppy to death).  It was kind of nice to catch up with my old lives…


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