It’s a website! Launch day for

If you’ve been wondering why I suddenly went silent last week, it has nothing to do with turkey. Last week was crazy. We hired two new reporters, one for Northbridge and one for — wait for it — Millbury.

That’s right. As of right now, I’m editing three hyperlocal news sites. Not bad for a chick who was laid off a year ago and thought she’d left journalism, eh?

Today was the official launch date for It looks similar to its siblings, and but its mantra, of course, is Millbury, Millbury, Millbury.

Its new writer, I’m happy to say, is Charlene Arsenault, who wrote for Worcester Magazine up until last year. I think she actually was laid off around the same time I was. It’s nice to actually be in the position to re-employ journalists who have absolutely no business being without a job.

So! Three news sites in one year, and we only started at the end of March. Who knows what’s in store for 2010?


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