Yeah, I’m just basking in Christmas glow

So on the last day of November, the UPS truck gave to me — a Christmas present in a puddle…

Darn. That didn’t rhyme AT ALL.

But it’s almost a cliche that, at this time of year, the normal UPS delivery just gets weird. The rest of the year, it goes something like this: I hear the doorbell ring and find a package (or packages) on my front steps, which are covered with a portico to keep the rain off guests and the occasional package. Every once in a while, I actually interact with the delivery driver (they usually warp speed from the steps to the truck) and say thank you.

Come the holiday season, all bets are off. I find packages everywhere. Sometimes, they’re hanging out on the sidewalk. Sometimes, they’re stashed in the corner where the garage door meets the house.

Or, like today, I find them in a puddle, right in front of the garage door (wrapped in a giant plastic bag, it must be noted, that was also full of water).  As I’m backing my car out. Luckily, I missed the package, which was small and flat enough to easily fit in the front door, which is where they delivered an almost identically sized package just last week.

C’mon, guys. I’m home. Can’t you just ring the bell? After all, at this time of year, I’m frequently baking cookies — and I’ll give you one…


One thought on “Yeah, I’m just basking in Christmas glow

  1. Something like that happened to me a few years ago. UPS leaned a packaged on my closed garage door. Little did he know, my car was inside. I got in my car, opened the door with the remote & backed over the package!!

    Luckily, LL Bean sent me a new hamper, cuz the other was crushed!!!

    What are they thinking putting things there?

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