Cough. Cough. Cough. (Excuse me) Cough. Cough. Cough.

When we last tuned in, you may recall, I was just getting over H1N1.

(Cough cough cough)

I don’t get sick. I write about sick people. I write articles quoting medical experts who talk about the importance of washing your hands and using hand sanitizer. And I take their advice, too — if you ever hear me humming “The Alphabet Song,” chances are I’m remembering the advice of a nurse at Milford Regional Medical Center and washing my hands.

(Cough cough cough)

I don’t get sick. I’m a mom. I take care of sick people. Heck, my kids hardly ever get sick. They went to daycare when they were infants and were exposed to all the nasty childhood beasties well before their first day of public school. As a result, wave after wave of viruses can pass up and down our block but those kids of mine remain immune to every cough, sniffle and sneeze.

(Cough cough cough)

OK, I get sick once in a while. It doesn’t last long. I get knocked down maybe for a day, if that. Nothing a little tea and a day of TV won’t fix. Hey, everyone has to recharge their batteries every now and then, right?

(Cough cough cough)

It started with a little cough last Thursday, a dry annoying tickle in my throat that just seemed to get a little more annoying as the day went on. By the time I was at the 275th anniversary meeting, it was progressing to the phase where I was wondering if I was going to have to dig out the Nyquil to get any sleep. By the time I was home, my throat was on fire and my head was starting to go supernova. I started to get hot and cold (“not in a fun Katy Perry way,” I told my daughter), went upstairs to go to bed and found myself stretched out in the hallway, where I’d apparently fainted.

(Cough cough cough)

I spent most of Friday in bed, completely miserable. Saturday, I at least made it to the couch. Sunday, the act of sitting at the computer to catch up on email put me back on the couch. Monday, I needed a nap after doing nothing more strenuous than going to Stop & Shop.

(Cough cough cough)

OK, I get it. I get sick. Every once in a long while, I get sick.

(Cough cough cough)

Every once in a while, I have to actually sit back and take it easy.

(Cough cough cough)

I admit it. I’m only human.

(Cough cough cough)

Can I please stop coughing now????


4 thoughts on “Cough. Cough. Cough. (Excuse me) Cough. Cough. Cough.

  1. Hey Jenn – I know you are under no obligation to post anything to this blog, but…

    The last two entries dealt with illness – your ilnesses – and now it’s been over a week since we’ve ehard from you – are you OK?

  2. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. My cough is still pretty ridiculous (I’m told no infection, and it’s more in my throat than my lungs) and anyone who has talked to me lately can testify that I just can’t have a lengthy conversation without a coughing fit or 10.

    Let’s just say writing’s been a bit difficult. It’s getting better, though. I feel very guilty about the blog neglect and have a few things stored in my head….

  3. >feel very guilty about the blog neglect

    Nonsense! No need to feel guilty about this blog.

    We just want to be sure you’re OK. Keep resting, take care of yourself and try to enjoy the holidays. The blog will be just fine in due time.

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