And… we’ve added

I used to refer to the power duo of Greater Grafton and as “Jenn’s media empire.” I’m beginning to feel like that’s not quite as much of a joke anymore.

Today, we launched and it covers — you guessed it — the town of Shrewsbury. I hired a fantastic new reporter to cover the town. And we’re only going to have one week at to get used to having four sites (the other two, of course, being and because on Monday, we’re launching and


Even if you haven’t seen our sign up on Dr. Crossman’s old office, you’ve probably guessed we’ve outgrown our adorable little office at the top of One Grafton Common. We’ll be moving to the more spacious quarters — with a view of Lake Ripple, conveniently located next to the liquor store, what more could you ask for a growing media outlet? — in February.

What does that mean for Grafton? More places to find out what’s going on in the nearby towns, mainly. Right now, I’m looking at a small stack of notebooks with four Grafton-centric stories that must get written for, I hope, today. I have interviews in town lined up for most of the week. The batteries in the Greater Grafton Camera are charged and ready, so if you see me pointing it your way, smile.

And when we are finally settled into the new digs, anyone up for margaritas at Cancun?


2 thoughts on “And… we’ve added

  1. Jenn,

    Welcome to Shrewsbury! Even though you gently razzed me a few times during my State Senate campaign in 2008 (Remember my Facebook page announcement), I genuinely enjoy reading Greater Grafton so much that I’ve kept on reading it from time to time even after the campaign ended. It’s fun to read even for those of us who don’t live in Grafton.

    Seeing a story posted about tonight’s selectmen’s meeting later on the same night is very impressive.

    I wish you success in bringing another legitimate news media outlet to town. The more, the better for the whole town.

    (Now I just have to try my best not to give you future material to poke fun at me.)

    Best of luck to TheDailyShrewsbury,

    Selectman John Lebeaux

  2. Thanks John! The Facebook thing, of course, was brought on mostly by the Grafton News headline ( and I appreciated your good humor about it during the campaign.

    Our goal with, as with all the sites, is to not only inform the town but also inspire discussion. I grew up in a home where local politics were discussed at the dinner table just as passionately as sports and national events and I’ve never understood why that wasn’t the norm.

    Definitely feel free to suggest story ideas and do drop by the office if you’re in Grafton!

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