Town Meeting Bingo, anyone?

I’ve had a number of people asking if we are going to be playing Town Meeting Bingo on Saturday and, you know, I think that’s just what we’ll need to make it through this meeting.

If you’re not familiar with Town Meeting Bingo, here’s the drill from May. We basically come up with a whole bunch of Town Meeting cliches — the constant reminders to “speak through me, the moderator,” the person who refuses to use the microphone, the first time Scott Browne pops up, etc.

There are 25 spots on a Bingo card and not all the cliches from last time are applicable this time — and with it being a one-big-issue Town Meeting, that opens up a bunch of whole new categories.

Who’s up for Bingo?


11 thoughts on “Town Meeting Bingo, anyone?

  1. I’ll play! I submit “a reference to split-sessions at the HS” and “a reference to being unable to pay one’s taxes as it is.” 🙂

  2. How about something about having a Prop 2 1/2 override in the next few years? Or the word “overcrowded”? And how about a question about the new location of the superintendent’s office?

  3. While I agree this helps to lighten the usually quite tedious nature of town meeting, I don’t know if this is the meeting to “break out the cards.” Every vote will count. I wouldn’t want some voters who are on the fence to have any possible reason to waffle about their vote. Would you really want to be using your bingo card again in the next few weeks?

  4. I second on Rob. Let’s not get too over-zealous about being able to pull this opff the 1st time around. Let’s concentrate on the task at hand; that being the education and welfare of our children. Besides, would you rather this meeting be successful and done expeditiously or play bingo for hours on a Saturday with a few hundred other Graftonites who’d rather be doing something else!

  5. I think we can play this AND be productive! It seems to me that it only takes a second to mark off a square and it helps keep you sane as people yammer. It certainly isn’t so time-consuming that you can’t participate in the discussion.

  6. Bingo Categories? Let’s see:
    1) naysayer
    2) Traffic
    3) Operating expense for the new building

    BTW…has anyone asked the team coaches about what it will be like when Grafton has to move up to Division 1 (because of increased enrollment) and has to compete against New Bedford, St. John’s, and other large schools? Yikes! Bring ’em on…we’ll whomp ’em.

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