Any bird experts out there?

The stars aligned and my friendly neighborhood hawk perched on a telephone wire at a time when I had the Greater Grafton Camera ready to catch him.

Any idea what kind of lethal predator I have swooping around my yard on a regular basis? It’s a seriously bad-ass bird — although I think there may be more than one of them. The one I tried to snap on my deck a few months ago was the size of a Labrador retriever puppy, it seemed, and I think its breast feathers were a bit more yellowish. Anyway, I’ve seen this, or one similar, carrying some bunny or kitten-sized prey away.


6 thoughts on “Any bird experts out there?

  1. that’s a red tail hawk. We have them over here too. Jenn, you need to get the Roger Tory Peterson Eastern Bird book!!!!

  2. Cool photo! There’s 2 maybe 3 of them. I’ve seen them perched along the powerlines off Pleasant St and also near GES. They seem to fly along the Blackstone River looking for dinner. We’ve seen them swoop down behind our house into the river to grab a fish. To quote my youngest… Hawk vs Fish, Hawk wins!

  3. We’ve got one in our neighborhood as well. I’ve also seen two – three in the George Hill / Soap Hill Road vicinity. Very cool birds but I’d keep an eye on the family cat. They’ve also been know to “pluck” up squirrels who reconoiter bird feeders set at a distance from the house.

    Just like Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Let me know if you see a Fisher Cat – we’ve had those in our ‘hood, too. Far nastier critters.

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