Liveblogging Town Meeting

I’ve had a number of requests to recap tomorrow’s Town Meeting “just like you used to” and I’ll be doing it — with a twist.

I’m liveblogging Town Meeting, from the floor to your Internet, starting from the moment I find a seat (hopefully in the auditorium!) to the moment we have a decision. I’m doing this with a techno-assist from my neighbor and, knock wood, we won’t have to move to the back up plan, which involves my iPhone.

Oh, and it’s all going down on starting around 9:30 a.m.

Who is this aimed at? People who are going to be out-of-town and checking in on their smart phones. People out running errands and hoping they can get to the high school before a vote takes place. People stuck at home with a sick kid who wants to watch the same DVD over and over instead of Town Meeting on TV.

Or people who just want to hear me snark on Town Meeting. You know, for old time’s sake. Sadly, I’m going to be a bit too busy for Bingo.

See you there!


5 thoughts on “Liveblogging Town Meeting

  1. A Scott Browne take down. Hearing about 50 years 50 times. Near riots in the gym. Cattle herding up to the stage. The Grafton Charter School of America. Dang, I need a cold shower!

  2. Oh boy! A new school. But, wait. We need to vote again on this, right? Ha…that should be easy.

    I followed all the televised meetings, read all the published documents, and attended Town Meeting. Way cool! But I fear I may have missed something. Maybe someone can help me: what is all that chatter about a Prop 2 1/2 override? Are we talking about additional costs associated with the new school? Let’s see…I assume the $70+M includes parking lots (paving, lining), trees, running track, football field, football stands, lights, utility hookups (water, sewer, electricity), furniture, lab equipment; work on the existing building, and removal of the District Office. Or are any of these NOT included in the estimated $1.20 per $1,000 of assessed value? If they are all included, why would we need a Prop 2 1/2 override? Did I miss anything?
    Are there other town departments who are lining up for more buildings?I appreciate any info.

  3. To the previous question about prop 2 1/2 override – first, obviously the Town voted a very large override on Saturday. That is to pay off bonds to build and equips the school. That override goes away when the bonds are paid off.

    The question is about another here is about another override. Largely to pay the added costs each year to operate the enlarged school system. With 40 or 50 new class rooms we will sooner or later be looking at more teachers to make use of the additional rooms. Most likely if that override comes it will be a perminent increase in the limits on taxes.

    On Saturday it was stated there would be an increase in costs to run the added building of about $500,000. That is just for non-teaching costs though. Even that has to come from somewhere, and at this point it is not clear where. That bridge will be crossed in about two or three years when we get to the point of operating the new building. What I heard was that it may be neccessary to ask the town for a perminent override just for that. But lots is going to happen between now and then and no one really knows what will happen.

    Comes the elections in a little while, ask the School Committee candidates about that.

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