The perils of saying yes

A few months ago, I was sent (in regular mail!) a letter which asked me to attend an informal meeting about the 275th anniversary of Grafton’s founding. Being a curious type, and it being news, I went.

I also came down with H1N1 that night, but I don’t think it was connected.

Having been to one meeting, and having offered to help out with publicity, I went to another meeting. And another. Next thing I knew, my name was on a list that went before the Board of Selectmen for the “official” committee.

Today was the kicker, though.

I had to raise my right hand and solemnly swear, “so help me God,” that I’d uphold the business of the town of Grafton. I signed a bunch of things and received my very own copy of the Open Meeting Law. I even get to take an online ethics class, for which I need to submit a form to the town clerk providing that I now have ethics.

Who knew Grafton re-instated the draft?

One interesting thing, for me at least, is the committee has been holding its meetings all over town in various historic sites. I had never set foot in the Farnumsville Firehouse, for example, and it’s really cool on the inside — the upstairs reminded me of my great-great cousin Ethel’s house, had Ethel engaged in taxidermy. It was just filled with all kinds of eclectic objects and chairs and it was just a neat place.

And I’m sure Ethel would have been all over the firehouse’s  stuffed porcupine. It pleases me to think of my genteel relative happily hunting, maybe with a crossbow, and turning her prey into parlor decor. Ethel would have slapped a doily on that sucker, though.


7 thoughts on “The perils of saying yes

  1. This is similar, Michael noted last night, to how I became involved with the Grafton Farmers Market. Apparently you just need to distract me with a shiny object (or the lure of fresh produce, as the case may be) and, lo and behold, I’m on a committee.

    Maybe, since I already went down the hunting path here with Ethel and her crossbow, the boards in town need to start setting traps around town. The Planning Board can seek prey in Fisherville/Farnumsville, since that streetscape project is coming into play. The ZBA can kind of hang out near the building department and offer a little “clarification” on the various regulations. The Board of Health can prowl around Stop & Shop spinning a web of hand sanitizer and food handling suggestions. You get the idea…

  2. Ah, your first copy of Open Meeting Law. I remember receiving my first copy like it was yesterday.

    The online ethics thing is a bit of a joke. Turns out the right answer isn’t necessarily the most ethical answer.

  3. Pizza: With the length of some of these meetings lately, that’s a good idea.

    You know there is NO place to get something to eat in Grafton at 11:30 at night? Really stinks when you didn’t get a chance to eat dinner and there is nothing in the fridge at home…

  4. Tell me about it. My daughter has dance on Tuesdays and I usually get home from that just in time to turn around and head back out to the BOS. Usually they get out at a decent hour, and I have food at home, but there have been a couple nights when I’ve been eying the clock, listening to my stomach rumble, and wondering if I can make it to the BK drive through on time.

    My favorite part of the last Town Meeting was the pizza delivery as the votes were being counted. I wanted to yell from my seat “did you bring enough for everyone?”

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