Grafton in the New York Times, again

Summary: It’s a trend! College graduates live at home, jobless, and turn down jobs because they don’t think they’re on a career track!

It’s just… well, it leaves me speechless, given my bout of unemployment.

Read it here.

2 thoughts on “Grafton in the New York Times, again

  1. Ok- my friend in NY sent this to me, knowing that I would be so amused by the article given my current state of unemployment. I don’t know him, and perhaps his parents read this blog, but sometimes youth need a good old fashioned ear pulling. The only thing that could have annoyed me more would have been an article by K. Whynot.

  2. The Grafton Times should try to get a follow-up interview with Scott. Though I doubt he’ll speak to a reporter from any media outlet anytime soon. I’m amazed at the legs this story has – the New York Times shut comments down after they exceed 1400. There have been a litany of opinion pieces in a range of established publications and blogs.

    A former intern of mine, who is presently still in college, pointed out one fact after he read the article. Scott didn’t have much of an online presence up until when this article hit. He didn’t appear to have a LinkedIn profile and didn’t seem to have a blog. Not that you need a LinkedIn profile or a blog to land a job, but these tools do certainly help in a digital age.

    With so many people out of work, it is hard to find empathy with young professionals who turn down seemingly solid professional experiences. Unfortunately you need experience to get experience. That being said – I understand the reluctance to accept a position that may be pretty far off of a career path. There are a lot of professionals – not just recent college grads – who are clambering for unpaid internships just to get their foot in the door.

    I hope Scott can find something positive from this experience. Not too many people can say they were interviewed by the New York Times in an article that ran on the paper’s front page.

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