Introducing Upton Daily

Back when we first launched, my high school friend Jennifer Doyle started nagging me: “When are you going to give us an Upton news site?”

I kept promising her I’d get to one. Finally, in January, we launched Daily Voice sites for both Upton and Milford, and Jen enthusiastically told everyone she knew about it, making it one of the more successful launches we had in Massachusetts. Of course, yesterday, Jen lost her Upton Daily Voice, since the company closed down all the Mass. sites and laid off all of the reporters.

I’m happy to introduce Upton Daily, which Jen launched today after some back-and-forth this morning about blogging platforms and logistics.

See? People like their local daily news sites. The layoffs affected more than the employees — it impacted all of the sites’ fans. I made the rounds at the Grafton Municipal Center this morning and I can’t tell you how many people were wondering how the heck they were going to fill the Grafton Daily Voice-sized hole in their lives.

I’ll probably get back to regular news coverage next week. I have a lot to process right now. In the meantime, please welcome my friend to the blogging ranks!

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