Obituaries for the Daily Voice, in Grafton and beyond

jeepI was pulling out of Crosby Road onto Millbury Street when the truck in front of me abruptly stopped. I was about to swear when Peter Adams jumped out.

Of course it was Peter Adams. How did I not recognize the truck?

When I first met Peter, five years ago, he was the selectman who didn’t have an email address. I told him I had a blog and he said he didn’t have time for that computer stuff. Over the years, when I went from Greater Grafton to The Daily Voice (and all those prior incarnations:, The Daily Grafton) he went from having his wife show him stories or print them out to actually getting on the computer to read them himself.

“What happened?” he asked. “I read your site twice a day and now they’re shutting it down? How am I supposed to find out what’s happening now?”

That’s the best compliment I’ve ever received. Seriously. I made Peter Adams want to use the computer!

I’ve spent the last few days in a period of mourning. I have to be honest: I’m heartbroken. The information that’s come out over the past few days has just made me angrier. Today’s discovery, for example: a male managing editor was making $20,000 more than me, despite having the same job description (and, I would bet, he never had to cover a town for most of that time, or stay up until 2 a.m. on Fridays during football season, unlike the chump in Massachusetts).

Again, I apologize. I’m getting back to the news of Grafton soon, I promise. You have to give me time to grieve.

Meanwhile, the debacle that was my career has been making news:

  • Gawker wrote a scathing article about how the layoffs at the Daily Voice went down, and it is a thing of beauty summed up in the very last line: “Lastly, we would not advise applying for one of the Town Reporter positions currently posted on the Daily Voice‘s site. If the phone interview goes well, they’ll bring you in the next day to punch you in the face.”
  • Dan Kennedy at Media Nation gave an overview of the Daily Voice bloodbath and said the story of our Central Mass. sites was “inspiring,” without adding an entirely justified “I told you so.” Dan didn’t think selling the sites to an out-of-state chain was a good move and, hey, he just finished a book about the rise in hyperlocal sites, so he probably gave good advice, right?
  • I talked to Walter Bird at Worcester Magazine Tuesday about when and how I discovered four years of work would be history.
  • I also talked quite a bit with this columnist at Street Fight, but he chose not to quote me and to be all perky and positive about the mass layoffs (and Mass. shutdown). The commenters are not happy.

Finally, a note to the woman who yelled at the man in the Daily Voice Jeep at Stop & Shop the other day that he should be ashamed of himself: I appreciate your support, I really do. But you were yelling at Joe Holm, sales guy extraordinare, and Joe lost his job, too.


6 thoughts on “Obituaries for the Daily Voice, in Grafton and beyond

  1. Jenn get your paypal account ready. When you are up and running I am more than happy to pay for your brand of wisdom and insight to all things Grafton. Just ready and waiting.

  2. The way my week went, I probably would have gotten the seat belt tangled and ended up in the bottom of the lake with the jeep… given the thought of going out on the bottom of lake ripple I chose to park the jeep in the parking lot.. gee I hope it doesn’t get snowed in.. I don’t think I left a snow brush either.

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