Snow piles up, design tweaks, and Beagle-mania

JackietongueI am in the midst of tweaking the design for Greater Grafton, so don’t be surprised if it looks a little different every time you log in. The old template wasn’t functioning well on tablets and phones, which is kind of key for a news site in 2013 (as opposed to 2009, the last redesign, back when I didn’t have an iPhone and iPads didn’t exist).

I’ve added an easy way to get to the Greater Grafton Facebook page (like us!), updated the About page, and I’m going through all the bookmarked sites making sure all the links still work (ack, Jeff Barnard’s Wormtown Taxi is now porn! I imagine he’s laughing in the afterlife). If you want your site included, shoot me an email at That’s also the email for anything you need publicized as I try to rebuild Grafton’s online community.

Meanwhile outside, my husband reported Millbury Street had about five inches of snow on top of it. It’s nasty out there. We have about 15 inches of snow, which is a problem when you have a dog that is only 15 inches high.

Yeah. Part of the Greater Grafton design now: I measure snow depth by beagle. This is Jackie O., who we adopted from the Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine just before Christmas. For the first 18 months of her life, Jackie was part of the Tufts beagle colony, which is used to train veterinary students and provide animal subjects for research.

Colony beagles make wonderful pets. As you can see, Jackie is absolutely adorable, with a few odd quirks: she was afraid of the snow during her first snowstorm (she now happily romps), she had never climbed stairs, she spends more time on her hind legs than any dog I’ve ever seen and, rather than greet car rides with joy, she froths heavily at the mouth and usually vomits. Taking her to the Tufts Farm Field, as a result, can be a little challenging, and that’s before you even factor in that she’s a beagle, and they tend to follow their noses.

In any case: we are now at snow alert: beagle buried status here in Grafton. Tonight’s elementary school staff basketball game is canceled, and the Grafton Country Store is reporting on Facebook they’ve closed for the day because there are just no customers out there. Stay warm, stay safe!

P.S. I wrote this entire post while on hold trying to file for unemployment. I’m still on hold. Sigh.


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