Should Super Park be on Worcester Street?

Coming up at Tuesday night’s Selectmen’s meeting: the Super Park Study Committee, making their second appearance in three weeks.

Back on Feb. 20, Selectmen asked the group to re-evaluate its choice of 25 Worcester St. as the new home for the park. The original park was torn down during the construction of the new Grafton High School two years ago and the committee hopes to replace it with a centrally located park that is accessible to children of all abilities.

Selectmen unanimously voted for the Worcester Street location back in July and Town Meeting last fall approved Community Preservation funding for a $34,000 master plan.

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6 thoughts on “Should Super Park be on Worcester Street?

  1. If the committee tasked with this decision chooses Worcester street than…that is their choice and lets move on to the next step! If in the end people don’t like the choices the committee made (and $ they are asking for) then they can get out your vote no signs and vote no. For selectmen to be involved at this point is micromanaging and ruining any sort of momentum necessary to get this done.

  2. I’m guessing that the Selectmen are counting the money from a potential settlement from a 40B developer in South Grafton and this settlement money can only be redeployed under certain criteria, which is rearranging land use priorities.
    A lesson: “Always follow the money, and the truth will unfold.”

  3. Why is it so difficult to get anything done in this town? We have the worst reputation when it comes to businesses and construction here, no one wants to do business in Grafton. It’s a playground, people. Let’s not get our panties in a bunch, build a playground, and move on. Before my kids are too old to be able to use it.

  4. re: Amy,
    It’s always about money or family. The truth is the new high school project took down the super park without a contingency plan. When the public safety building was proposed for the same area there was a $350K set aside for a new super park. And when there was available funds to finance a new super park, the school building committee chose to buy Ipads instead.
    So remarkably, a lot of our money went towards our children, but it was the high school age children that got all the attention.

  5. Aladdin – your statements about money and Ipads are not true. Apparently by living across the pond your mind and memory are fading.

  6. Re: SHTF: Trust me, (or not) the school’s Ipads of today, were bought on the 20 year school building debt. And that same amount of 20 year debt could have built a super-park. It’s all about allocation!
    It’s not a memory issue, it’s fact!

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