Hawk vs. snake… on my roof


This is another random photo or, I should say, a set of random photos from my archives. This is an example of why, when I hired reporters, I would tell them the first rule of working for me was “always have your camera.”

Last year, the red-tailed hawks that patrol my neighborhood had a chick. I would sit on my deck with my laptop and watch them teach the baby to fly. One morning, I heard shrieking coming from the roof, looked out the bathroom window upstairs, and discovered a hunting lesson in progress — they had captured a live snake and were playing with it. ON MY ROOF.


Bear in mind these were taken through my screen. The larger hawk flew away after spotting me at the window but “Screechy,” the no-longer-baby, spent a minute cussing me out before taking off with his prey.


I almost felt sorry for the snake. Almost.


In any case — I am on my way out to a funeral. I’ll be covering Selectmen tonight. Try not to burn the town down!


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