Lights! Cameras! Selectmen! And… every other Grafton board too!

009A plan to reconfigure two conference rooms in the Grafton Municipal Center will change the days several town committees meet — and bring more of the official business of town, live, to cable access television.

Part of the overall renovation of the Municipal Center approved by Town Meeting in the fall, the new room will combine Conference Rooms A and B (now separated by an ancient room divider), adding a new control room for GCTV producers to control the broadcast and a brand new desk for the Board of Selectmen/other boards which use the room.

“This will make this room a truly good space to broadcast from,” Town Administrator Tim McInerney said.

The project is funded through the town’s cable access fund, which now has about $400,000 accumulated over the years through quarterly payments collected from cable subscribers, Selectman Brook Padgett said.

Because both conference rooms are frequently in use on the same day and time — Selectmen’s meetings, for example, overlap with Conservation Commission — some boards will have to change their usual meeting day to use the space. Padgett said this will give residents an opportunity to watch more of the business of the town on GCTV’s government access channel.

It will also allow people in the actual room to hear the meetings. Selectmen and Planning Board meetings in the summer are frequently an exercise in lip reading due to the noisy air conditioning units in the windows.

The full blueprints of the project are below in .pdf form.

BID SET – A101 – Plan

BID SET – A301 – Section


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