New! We now have a Grafton events calendar

ButterflydrinkTake a look at the top of this page and you’ll notice a new tab: “events calendar.” Click it and you’ll see a Google calendar which will, eventually, host a slew of Grafton events.

Now, being a Google calendar, I suspect we may run into some issues when we have multiple overlapping events, so I’m not going to hail it as the end-all-be-all solution to the “but why doesn’t the new site have an events calendar, I miss it” issue.  For now, I’m testing it out to see if it’s going to be at least workable in the short term.

I’ve been catching up on Word Press’s changes since I last used Greater Grafton on a regular basis and I have to say: LOVE IT. I’ve been able to add reader emails, buttons for people to push to share stories all over the place (you totally pinned that photo of George Peterson and Michael Moore on Pinterest, admit it), automatic posts to Facebook and Twitter and easily add polls and .pdfs. And there’s something to be said for the freedom to figure it all out myself as opposed to emailing a tech support person who has absolutely no idea why you want to make a change to the site and just throws it on “the list.”

Was that last item just a little too passive-aggressive?

In any case, to add items to the new calendar, email greatergrafton(at) Eventually I may open it up to a few trusted posters, since Google calendars can be shared, but for now, just holler.


One thought on “New! We now have a Grafton events calendar

  1. Hi Jenn,

    Thanks so much for all you’re doing to keep us newshounds up-to-date – with only “appreciation” for a paycheck.

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