Winners announced for Grafton Fine Arts & Music Festival


Photo courtesy of the Grafton Fine Arts and Music Festival
Maggie Parone won the People’s Choice award for her work, “Who?”

The Grafton Fine Arts & Music Festival was this past weekend (I missed it for the first time ever; my husband surprised me with a weekend in Rockport) and they have released the list of winners. There were more than 300 entries this year.

There was one major surprise: for the first time, the People’s Choice award went to a student artist, Maggie Parone, for her work, “Who?”.

Adult Prizes

Fiber Arts

1. Ekaterina Gomol

2. Laura Cahalane

3. Muriel Funka

Graphic Arts

1. David Skillins

2. Brandon Drake

3. Sandra Evans

Oil/Acrylic Paintings

1. Ella Delyanis

2. Allison Picone

3. Heather Graham


1. Scott Nelson

2. Laura Fontaine

3. Nicholas Connors

Traditional Photographs

1. Nancy Engberg

2. Nance Engberg

3. Gina Abraham

Digital Photographs

1. Mary Dennis

2. Stephen Birtz

3. Henry Neeser


1. Laura Cahalane

2. Patrick Goguen

3. Alisa Feldman

Digital Art (other than photography)

1. Janice Rodrigues

Mixed Media/ Assemblage

1. Len Haug

2. David Skillins

3. Len Haug

fineartsGrafton Land Trust Prizes

Best Nature Artwork – Bonnie Frederico

Best Nature Photo – Stephen Birtz

Best Youth Nature Artwork – Juliana Miccile

Best Child’s Artwork – Charlane Estevez

Grafton Historical Society Prizes

Best Artwork representing historical building or landmark (Youth) – Bethany Proctor

Best Artwork representing historical building or landmark (Adult) – Arthur Matson

Grafton Garden Club Prizes

Best Garden Artwork (Age 5-11) – Isabelle Kim

Best Garden Artwork (Age 12-18) – Karin Plante

Youth Ages 5 – 11 Prize winners:
Charlane Estevez
Mackenzie Pochiro
Alexa Formato
Colin Frank
Janice Kim
Isabelle Kim
Alisa Korosteleva
Jeremy Kim
Olivia Campbell
Svetlana Pechonis

Youth Ages 12 – 18 Prize winners:
Maggie Parone
Daria Lugina
Chloe Fay
Angelina Picone
Natalie Plourde
Abigail West
Victoria Godfrey
Somaiya Rowland


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