Are Grafton home sales finally bouncing back?

It was just a few years ago that my neighbors and I, along with a bunch of real estate developers, stood on our street on a freezing cold day as the unsold lots in our LeClaire development were auctioned off. Those lots continued to sit, vacant, until last year when two houses were built across the street from me.

The real estate market in Grafton is starting to perk up. Slowly. There’s a large excavator at work at the top of the driveway referred to by neighbors as the “road to nowhere,” a friend’s house went from “for sale” to “sale pending” in just a matter of weeks. photo of 2 South St. photo of 2 South St.

So what’s on the market in Grafton?

The most expensive Grafton home listed right now is at 12 Gershom Drive, where $950,000 gets you 5,371 square feet, 5.71 acres, four bedrooms and six bathrooms.

That’s not my favorite listing, however. For just $900,000, you can own 2 South St. and be the very first stop on Halloween night. Yes! It has offices in it now, but it’s listed as having seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, with 8,339 square feet of Victorian goodness (built in 1886!). Lot size is only .69 acres but hey, Grafton Common is right across the street! photo of the bookcase at 22 Leland St. photo of the bookcase at 22 Leland St.

I love looking at the online tour pictures. I just randomly clicked on this one at 22 Leland St. Nevermind the cowboy furniture. LOOK AT THAT BOOKCASE. That’s floor-to-ceiling with a ladder. Oooh. Anyway, that’s $450,000, with a pool, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and an awesome room with a built-in wicked cool bookcase and an odd little fireplace.

The cheapest listing in Grafton right now is a condo at 114 Main St., a three bedroom, one bathroom condo for $52,900.

There are 127 properties. See anything the town administrator might want to check out as he tries to find a home in Grafton this year?


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