Ice cream lovers flock to Swirls & Scoops on opening day

All right everybody, it’s April 1 in Grafton, what does that mean?


Swirls3The countdown sign was finally removed from the window today and Swirls & Scoops opened for the season. There’s still a little snow on the ground and a scant bit of ice on Lake Ripple, but for much of Grafton, the only cold item on their minds were of the frozen, creamy kind.

I arrived along with the first wave of Grafton High School/Grafton Middle School students, when there were only two windows open. It looked like there was a bit of a scramble in the back to hastily open up all four windows — I wonder if they forgot both schools are now next door to each other and get out at the same time?

A few moms were there with their preschoolers as well and were cheerful about beating the rush. One joked to her kids that they should sell their ice creams to the kids in line.

There may actually be a market for that.

Swirls2Missing in action, at least for the after school rush, this year were my kids, both of whom were in rehearsal for plays (“Annie” at GMS and “Urinetown” at GHS, respectively). My daughter took a peek at the top photo and started naming off kids who apparently ditched rehearsal for ice cream.

Hey, it’s soothing to the vocal cords, isn’t it?



One thought on “Ice cream lovers flock to Swirls & Scoops on opening day

  1. Soothe the vocal chords? Dairy products coat vocal cords and makes your voice sound funny. That’s why we can’t have a lot dairy on the day of a show. 🙂

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