Grafton & Upton Railroad apparently anxious for a decision

GraftonUptonRRThe Grafton & Upton Railroad filed a request last week asking the U.S. District Court to hurry up and make a ruling already in the town of Grafton’s case against them. They’re anxious to get the cease and desist order lifted so they can go about their business and complete their propane gas transloading terminal.

From the Telegram, because I’m not going to Worcester if I’m not getting paid for it:

In its latest motion to the court, the railroad said it has received inquiries about potential business, but it can’t follow those opportunities because of the injunctive relief sought by the town. The railroad argues it is losing the opportunity to participate in the crucial April contracting period and consequently would be unable to take full advantage of the 2013-2014 winter heating season, causing irreparable harm to the railroad.

For those just tuning in: the railroad would like to bring in four 120-foot long 80,000-gallon tanks to store propane gas on its North Grafton property. The town was informed back in December. The town’s case hinges on whether the transloading operation falls under the federal pre-emption granted to railroads, which allows railroads to conduct business without local oversight. The railroad will seek an “unspecified amount” for costs and damages, according to the T&G.


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