What the heck is that noise? It’s the Grafton fire alarm

I often find myself trying to describe the Grafton fire alarm to people who haven’t experienced it for themselves. Back when we first moved to town, it took a few rounds before I realized that odd howling was summonsing firefighters and alerting the town to a possible fire (or car crash or carbon monoxide detector alarm).

When it went off during the Easter egg hunt on Grafton Common, I decided that was a good opportunity to record it.

I’m told the alarms — there are three of them, north, south and central — originally did time as air raid sirens and were re-purposed by thrifty firefighters. Smart guys. You rarely miss an alarm in Grafton.

By the way, how do I find out where they’re going, short of bugging the already-busy dispatchers? I use an app on my iPhone called 5-0 Radio, the free version. You can listen to scanner feeds from all over the country but, for my purposes, the Northbridge Fire and the Northbridge Police channels (which include Grafton, Northbridge, Millbury, Upton and Uxbridge) do nicely.


2 thoughts on “What the heck is that noise? It’s the Grafton fire alarm

  1. I’ll share the following: My mother-in-law, who is from the midwest, flew out to stay with us for a visit. She stayed home one day while my husband and I were out on errands. While we were gone the siren went off. Sirens in the midwest mean tornados are approaching. It was a bit confusing to her since it seemed quite lovely outside. She just assumed it was a weekly test of some sort…

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