Grafton runners prepare to take on the Boston Marathon

Photo by BAA

Photo by BAA

Today is the 117th annual Boston Marathon, the 26 mile, 285 yard race from Hopkinton to Boston. If you’re not reading this right now on your smartphone from the sidelines in Hopkinton, it’s probably too late for you to get there for the start — but there’s miles and miles and miles of sidelines for this event with a better viewing point than Hopkinton, anyway!

Grafton has 10 runners, some who are running for the first time, some who are repeats and some who shaved off all their hair to honor cancer victims in preparation.

Lori Belfiore, 42, bib #23253
Stephen E. Kelly, 51, bib #25394
Michael O. Park, 25, bib #606
Marc J. Theroux, 48, bib #23516
Robert Violette, 43, bib #24956
Justin A. Compton, 36, bib #23697
Elyshia J. Hankin, 34, bib #13115
Jennifer M. Heikkinen, 36, bib #23161
Kent E. Welch, 44, bib #21625
Marie B. Paturzo, 31, bib #23578

What time does the Boston Marathon start?

9 a.m. for mobility impaired racers
9:17 a.m. for push rim wheelchair division
9:22 a.m. for handcycle participants
9:32 a.m. for elite women
10 a.m. for elite men’s start and first wave
10:20 a.m. for second wave
10:40 a.m. for third wave

Not planning to make it to the 26.2 miles of sidelines? Check in on our locals on the Boston Marathon website, which will have real-time updates on their progress via microchipped shoe. The BAA also has an app available for both iPhones and Androids for live updates.


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