Boy Scout Troop 106 create fire pit at Lions Field

Photo courtesy of Troop 106

Photo courtesy of Troop 106

On Saturday, April 13, many of the Boy Scouts in Grafton’s Troop 106 gathered to build a fire pit at Lions Field. Several Cub Scouts from Pack 106 and a few Girl Scouts from the town’s Troops helped out too. The project came out of a request from some of the Girl Scout Troops in town.

Starting a bit before 2 p.m., a perfectly round (4′ 7″ diameter) fire pit was dug out, complete with a 3′ keyhole pointing directly north. The hole was dug around 10″ deep, to remove any roots that might otherwise pose a hazard. Rocks were collected from around Lions Field and sorted into “flat” rocks for the base, and “round” rocks for the surrounding wall. A lot of precision work went into laying down the floor of the pit using the flat sections – a flooring level was even broken out to make it perfect!

The southern end of the pit had to be raised up a bit, too, to make the entire fire pit level from top to bottom.

The folks who helped out really worked as a team, with different responsibilities doled out by Troop’s 106’s Senior Patrol Leader, First Class Scout Chris Hardy. Boys were put to work either shoveling, collecting rocks, or gathering gravel. And when it came time to light it, everyone pitched in collecting wood.

After it was completed, and a good fire was going, everyone celebrated the accomplishment in the only acceptable way to Scouts: with s’mores! It was a beautiful day for the project, and everyone who witnessed it was amazed at how well it came out. Everyone involved should be proud of the work they did – it’s an excellent fire pit that will be used by the town’s scouts (boys AND girls) for years to come!

The keyhole will be a fantastic resource for Grafton Scouts who want to learn cooking skills. To use it, hot coals are taken from the main fire, and distributed under grills or around dutch ovens in the keyhole area.

Special thanks to the adults in charge of Lions Field for their support of this project – especially Mr. Phil Dumas, who was a great resource.

Troop 106 is chartered out of St. Mary’s Church in North Grafton. For more information, check out the Troop’s website at, or contact Scoutmaster Chris Paquin directly at, or 508-839-0195.

Contributed by Chris Paquin


2 thoughts on “Boy Scout Troop 106 create fire pit at Lions Field

  1. Great to have the scouts back using the property.Hope they stay for many years like in 68 when I joined the lions until they left in the mid 80’s as I was temporary scout master for 3 years as they were sponserd by the lions club. I left to spend time with my daughters and the troop folded shortly after.

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