Grafton’s Dan Fiore plans personal marathon to help Boston victims

OneFundHow do you respond when bombers attack the Boston Marathon? For Grafton’s Dan Fiore, who has run the storied race seven times, the answer is to run 26.2 miles — a personal marathon, around the town of Grafton.

“I can’t help but feel deeply for all the spectators who were directly affected, just for being there to cheer loved ones, and think about how many times my family has been doing just the same for me,” Fiore writes on a GoFundMe page set up for the cause. “Call it luck that participating in this year’s race wasn’t in my plans and we were not there.”

On Saturday, May 11, exactly 26 days after this year’s aborted Boston Marathon, Fiore will run his marathon in Grafton. He plans a series of 3-5 mile loops out from his home.

As of Wednesday, April 24, Fiore had raised $1,352, surpassing his initial goal in less than 24 hours. His new goal is $2,262.

All the donations will go to One Fund Boston, which has been set up to help provide victims with financial support for their lengthy recovery, which may include prosthetic limbs, rehabilitation and psychological counseling.


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