Grafton High celebrates Acts of Kindness Week

StyglesThe following is a note from Mary Stygles, a Grafton High senior and Student Council president, about the high school’s Acts of Kindness Week.

Hi! Below is a summary of what we’ll be doing each day for Acts of Kindness Week. In the past years, Student Council has put on Anti-bullying week. But our executive board decided to change the name of the week this year to Acts of Kindness week because it isn’t enough to expect zero bullying- we’re taking it one step further and promoting an atmosphere of kindness. We will still be reading statistics every morning with the announcements. The Clothesline Project that we started last year will also be up all week.

Monday is Stay Positive Day. We will be handing out nametags (Ex: My name is. Passionate) at the beginning of the day. We will be hanging up positive posters on mirrors in the bathrooms.

Tuesday is Sweet Tweet Day. We will encourage people to tweet positively, and will ask everyone to tweet anonymous compliments at our twitter account (@GHS_Compliments).
Wednesday is Spread the Word to End the Word Day. People will be able to pledge to stop using the R word at lunches.
Thursday is Grafton Pride Day. The group of student council members who attended the state conference came up with this day to promote school spirit when they realized how much spirit other schools had at the School Spirit Dance. We are asking people to wear green and white on this day and will be talking to lunch tables about the importance of school pride.
Friday is GHS Compliments Day. We will be putting all the anonymous tweets sent to @GHS_Compliments from the week on posters and hanging them up around the school.
We’re really excited about this new project!


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