Wicked Twisted Pretzels adds salt to Grafton’s food mix

pretzelWanna hear something wicked twisted? There’s a new bakery in town.

All right, the above paragraph makes sense in context: the new bakery, Wicked Twisted Pretzels, specializes in soft pretzels.

“My brother and I love great soft pretzels and couldn’t find one around here that we liked, so we decided to start making them ourselves and everyone who ate one wanted another,” said Josh Briggs, who runs the business with his brother, Shawn. “So, we decided to open a bakery.”

The bakery is located in North Grafton at 135 Westboro Road. You can’t — at least for now — just walk in and demand pretzels, however. Wicked Twisted Pretzels is a wholesale bakery operation, delivering to local retailers, corporations and restaurants. They’re also hoping to do fundraisers and sell to concession stands and sporting locations, Briggs said.

Check them out at http://www.wickedtwistedpretzels.com.


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