Apple Tree Arts presents ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’

Apple Tree Arts' Peter Pan GroupApple Tree Arts stages “Peter Pan and Wendy” on Friday, May 17, 7 p.m. at the Grafton Middle School, 22 Providence Road in Grafton. Admission is $7 for adults, $5 for seniors and students and free for children four and younger. Tickets will be sold at the door.

This dramatic adaptation of J. M. Barrier’s original novel tells the story of the mischievous little boy Peter and his adventures on the island of Neverland with Wendy Darling and her brothers, Michael and John. After Peter flies into the Darling family’s nursery, Wendy agrees to leave with him and become a mother to his motherless gang of Lost Boys. Soon they are all swept up into a series of adventures in which they meet the magical fairy Tinkerbell, save the beautiful Indian princess Tiger Lily and battle with the mean pirate Captain Hook and his crew.

The 17 cast members have been rehearsing since February. Students are from Grafton, Shrewsbury, Northbridge, Sutton and Uxbridge.

“Our youth show is a drama with a little bit of comedy,” explained Lisa Scarlett, theatre arts director of the community music and theatre arts school. “The play allows us to focus on acting and character development in a more in-depth way than we do with musicals or comedies. It’s nice to see our older students maturing and growing into more dramatic roles,” Ms. Scarlett noted.

Laurie Baker, early child educator and theatre arts teacher, and Ms. Scarlet are co-directing the show. They are sharing the directing tasks with Ms. Baker focusing on sound effects and props while Ms. Scarlett concentrates on blocking and sourcing costumes. Together they have co-directed many musicals including “The Jungle Book Kids and “Beauty and the Beast.”  They co-directed one other drama, “A Little Princess” two years ago.



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