WRTA seeks feedback on proposed Grafton-Northbridge bus

The town of Grafton and the Worcester Regional Transit Authority have put up a survey seeking feedback from Grafton residents on the proposed Northbridge-Grafton route. The plan would service South Grafton, Grafton Center, and North Grafton before terminating at the Grafton MBTA Station.

Take the survey here.


2 thoughts on “WRTA seeks feedback on proposed Grafton-Northbridge bus

  1. Suggestions:
    – That they brand the shuttle as the “Blackstone Valley Shuttle”
    – Route from Uxbridge north through Northbridge, and Grafton to Shrewsbury
    – Alternating scheduled trips that go either to Municipal center or up to common area.
    – Use graphics on the shuttle that promote commerce and tourism in the Blackstone Valley
    – No big, ugly and invasive advertising on the shuttles
    – Alternating scheduled trips should go through South Grafton, connecting back with 122
    – Should not have big, awful looking shuttle shelters. We are not a city and should not have big city bus stops
    – Any possibility of utilizing a low emissions, hybrid shuttle would be ideal
    – Shuttles should not sit with engines running at each shuttle pick up point for longer than 60 seconds.
    – Payment via Credit card should be accepted.
    – Ability to track the shuttle via internet, smartphone app and automated call in should be used

  2. Mike,
    -I totally agree with you on not having the ugly or expensive bus shelters, and I have passed some ideas along to Tim McInerney… I think this would be a great opportunity for a symbiotic relationship between riders and local businesses. The riders need someplace comfy to wait, and the businesses (perhaps in the form of cafes or convenience stores) might like to have them as customers.
    -I think better sidewalk connections could make the buses more usable, too.
    -While they may be the most practical, van-shuttle buses can be downright ugly in my opinion… I dare say that there might be a stigma attached to them that could prevent ridership (This may not be politically correct, but I feel like someone under the age of 60 would feel self-consious about riding one). So, I think an actual bus or even an Ecolobus (These little buses zip tourists around Quebec City- http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89colobus) would be more accepted.
    -Lastly, maybe further down the road, someone could take up the tourist angle by offering a Blackstone Valley tourist route in historic buses (like this: http://www.nps.gov/yell/historyculture/1936bus.htm) or maybe even tours on the G&U Railroad.

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