Michael Urban hopes to join School Committee

001We haven’t had the town election yet, but we already have a potential School Committee candidate throwing his hat into the ring for Kathy Halloran’s seat.

Yes, it’s true: Michael Urban is expressing interest in the position, which will be appointed through a joint meeting of the Board of Selectmen and School Committee. I’m not exactly sure when this will be happening; Halloran is resigning since she is moving out of town and I’m kind of out of the loop on the time frame.

In any case, Michael has served time as a teacher and he is president of the Grafton Land Trust, the founder of the Grafton Farmers Market and played a role in the founding of the Grafton Community Garden. He’s also notable for being the very first commenter on Greater Grafton.

I don’t do endorsements, but I’ll make an exception for Michael. Dude.

2 thoughts on “Michael Urban hopes to join School Committee

  1. Thank you Jenn. I would also like to mention that I successfully led the charge to amend the town bylaws to allow alpacas and other farm animals on the common. If I am fortunate to be appointed to the SC my fist action will be to allow those same animals access to the new high school astro turf for grazing purposes.

  2. Good for you, Michael! You have my vote if I could vote! He’s a great addition SC!

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