Meal tax passes, Westboro Road taking fails

021Catching up with my Town Meeting news this morning before I head off to work. Appreciate all the updates last night!

  • Richard Price at The Grafton Villager gives a rundown of the big ticket items, which include a meal tax for Grafton.
  • Susan Spencer at the T&G also details the failure of an eminent domain taking of Grafton & Upton Railroad property by the town for needed repairs on Westboro Road. This was heavily opposed by Dennis Flynn, a selectman candidate. Text from a friend last night: “Scott Browne has officially been replaced by Dennis Flynn, YIKES.”



3 thoughts on “Meal tax passes, Westboro Road taking fails

  1. Sparsely attended. Many participants had town jobs, so participation had double meaning for them. Dr. Flynn continues to drive his primary theme: decisions are made by the BoS without transparency. The BoS stridently disagrees. You can be the judge.
    But, take the railroad issue, then add in the Super Park re-direction, the DPW Building Committee (what are they planning? where is their information?) and a number of other activities and one might agree with Dr. Flynn. Anyway, we get to voice our opinion at the upcoming election. I personally intend to vote early and often. HA.
    As for elections, I was disappointed that NO candidate contacted Grafton Cable TV in time to sit for an interview. What a strange way to conduct a campaign: one Grafton News announcement, an appearance at Candidates’ Night, then…signs and hand-waving. Curious, indeed.

  2. I would think that Scott Browne would have voted in favor of the temporary eminent domain request because it benefited Graftonites and their road system.
    As for the “YIKES” of comparing Dr. Flynn with Scott Browne, all that can be said, is that both work at it, while most only complain. YIKES!

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