Lock your doors: Grafton Police say day-time housebreaks are on rise

Grafton Police Chief Normand Creapeau Jr. asked me to post this:

Due to a recent increase in day-time house breaks, the Grafton Police Department is advising residents to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity in their neighborhood and to ensure that their homes are secure when unoccupied…if even only for a short time.


The police department is investigating several reported house breaks that have occurred over the past few weeks.  Areas include Snow Rd., Pleasant St., Fitzpatrick Rd., and Trinity Ave.  In most instances, the intruder(s) entered the home by breaking windows or forcing open doors.  The suspects have been taking jewelry and electronics including televisions.  The breaks are occurring during the day time when the occupants are away.


Residents should ensure that their doors are locked and ground floor windows, including basement and garage windows, are secure when they are away.  Do not rely on screens to secure the windows as they are easily removed or cut to allow access.


Anyone observing suspicious activity should contact the Grafton Police Department immediately at 508-839-5343.  Do not hesitate to call 9-1-1 if you feel a crime is in progress.  Suspicious activity may include strangers walking on or near a neighbor’s property looking into windows or a vehicle driving slowly though a neighborhood and pulling into a driveway then quickly leaving when approached.


When calling the police, try to provide a description of the individual(s) including an approximate age, height, build, hair color and clothing.  Important vehicle information includes the color, make, model, style and if at all possible the registration (full or even partial.)

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