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lupineWant to cyber-stalk me on multiple platforms? Follow me on Twitter @jpaluzziSun.

How have newspapers changed in the five years since I worked for a media outlet with a print platform? Part of my nightly routine on the desk  includes following reporters in the field via Twitter and re-tweeting their updates to the Lowell Sun audience. It’s rather fascinating, especially when the police reporter is out at a shooting or the Lowell reporter is live-tweeting the happenings at one of the monk sex tape hearings in court (honey, I’m not in Grafton anymore).

I’m also required to maintain my own Twitter account, which is where you come in — if you’re on Twitter, can you follow me? You’ll get a bit of Grafton gossip, along with whatever oddities are happening at my paper that I feel like Tweeting about. I just cracked 100 followers this week, which means I have THOUSANDS to go to catch up with the police reporter (who has more followers than the police department’s actual account).

Tweet me later!



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