Won’t you be my neighbor? An unexpected answer

The house next door to me sits on one of the better lots in Cortland Manor. It was one of my husband’s top choices for a home site but we happily settled in on our lot — and unexpectedly, watched three families move in and out.

The issue wasn’t us. Couples one and two were transferred. Couple three rented and moved elsewhere. It is more annoying, we discovered, to not have neighbors than to have them — the yard gets neglected, alarms go off, there’s always a Realtor who forgets to turn off the outside light that shines in our bedroom window, and it doesn’t get turned off for weeks.

But hey, that’s the market. It’s one reason I never really got on our town administrator’s case when he didn’t move to town. He had a house to unload in Rehoboth and who wants to carry two mortgages?

So it is with admittedly mixed emotions that I announce this: Tim McInerney and family have moved to Grafton. You’ll never guess where.

My street is getting SO plowed this winter!

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