Slots plan takes a gamble on Millbury

Who wants to play some slots in… Millbury?

Chicago billionaire Neil Bluhm is looking into several sites in the town of Millbury after plans for Worcester fell through, according to the Boston Globe (hi Mark!).

“We have gotten to know Massachusetts over the last two years and are bullish on Millbury and the central area of the commonwealth,” said Gregory Carlin, chief executive of Mass Gaming & Entertainment, an affiliate of Bluhm’s Rush Street Gaming, in a statement. “Our early conversations with Millbury have made us all the more confident that this is the winning formula for the [slot parlor] license.”

The sites under consideration haven’t been announced yet and a final site will be selected within the next few days. My guess would be somewhere close to Route 146 and the Mass Pike. There will be just one slots parlor in the state and this is going up against three others: Plainville, Raynam and Leominster.

Quote from Bob Spain, Millbury’s Town Manager, from a press release on the matter: “This is a great opportunity for the Town of Millbury. It will create 400 new permanent jobs and provide additional needed revenue to help the town through the current financial crisis and allow us to address many of our pressing needs.”

Here’s some more from Susan Spencer at the T&G.

How will this affect Grafton? Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Slots plan takes a gamble on Millbury

  1. As a resident of North Grafton living close to Route 122 and Deernolm, I fear the amount of traffic a casino in Millbury will create in Grafton from those exiting the pike at exit 11 as well as those that will travel up through Grafton from points east and south along route 140, etc., The route 122 corridor in North Grafton is an eye-sore now with overgrown weeds, unkempt property, and trash…the additional traffic taxing the road ways may cause more trash to accumulate.

    One note regarding the selectman’s thoughts about jobs being generated via slots parlors: Please review the ‘jobs data’ from the Turning Stone Casino in central NY – an area similar to central MA in terms of economy. The jobs are low wage and do not provide enough discretionary income to allow for spending in the desired spin-off businesses in the area. The low wage positions are high-turnover as well. As an HR professional, I see little benefit to casinos as an employer.

  2. Worcester activists dug up all of the dirt on Neil Bluhm & Rush Street Gaming, and have done all of the homework that Millbury (& environs) will need; have a gander at the two main sites for slots parlor opposition in Worcester:

    Most of the anti-slots arguments are equally valid for other communities.

  3. Grafton neighbors please help millbury and yourselves! I am betting that an overwhelming number of grafton folks know this is a disaster!

    This deal is at best a recklessly irresponsible gamble with Millbury’s future. Millbury Town Hall approved this deal only after they were approached by desperate Rush Street Gaming casino developers sometime after the talks with Worcester unexpectedly collapsed on June 4. Massachusetts law mandated that all community host agreements be signed by July 26. They then threw together a plan for Millbury that would supposedly give us the moon and bless us with riches. We the people of Millbury are being taken for fools! They don’t want to help our town, they are still chasing Worcester’s cash. This deal is sketchy at best and it seems Rush Street and town officials are working to keep people in the dark. See to find out all about neil blum of rush street gaming!

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